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moverjet car shipping reviews
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Great shipping experience with Jane


Hi, Max, this is Tim with MoverJet. And could you, please share your experience and I just have to notify you that this call will be recorded.

Okay. You sure. No problem. I basically just got relocated and You know, I know how to code but I had no idea how to ship a vehicle.

So luckily Jane called and she explain all the points to me, why it's pretty hard to do to get shipped from The Gig Harbor. I mean, I get it. It's not an easy place to pick up a vehicle from, but turned out at options with carriers from Tacoma. It'll work out. Pretty great for me. Thank you guys so much. I appreciate it. We're really happy to hear that.


Carlina did a great job


My name is Julia. I'm customer success manager with MoverJet Transportation Company I'm calling you to ask you to evaluate the job of your shipping agent. So you just wish Caroline Foster. Could you please tell me what's your opinion about her job? Are you satisfied? And I should inform you that. Our conversation is recorded.

Okay, so you're all you're asking me how Carlina did her job, right? Yeah. 

I just need to know your opinion on this situation. 

She did great, she send me the emails when they was gone. So I have no issues with that. I can say she did it. I would say she did pretty good. 

Thank you so much for this feedback

moverjet logistics reviews listen

Nice transportation of Tesla Model X

Hi Lily, this is Tim with MoverJet. We recently transport your Tesla Model X. How are you doing?

That's good. Thank you. How about you? 

How was your experience with Allison before you answer? I'll have to notify you that this call is recorded.

Oh, yeah, everything was okay. I wanted to have my car delivered by fourteen or fifteen at the latest and my rap, Adam was able to get the care for those dates. I wanted to put like more three more 300 lb in the truck, but I didn't want to pay anything additional for that. So, I just got rid of a bunch of stuff that turned out to be just trash in. My old clothes is that I don't even wear anymore. So, overall I would say, I am satisfied.

moverjet car shipping reviews

Kate Fremont stick care about us

Hello, Chris. My name is. My name is Julia. I'm customer success manager with Transportation Company Moverjet Logistics. Actually, I'm calling to get feedback about your shipping agent Kate Fremont. Could you please share your opinion about her job?

I’m really satisfied. She did a great follow up and stick care about us. She did a great job

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your feedback...

moverjet car transport reviews

You are good people so I do business with you

Hello. I'm customer success manager with Transportation Company Moverjet Logistics 

I'm calling you actually to get the feedback about your shipping agent work. Are you satisfied with the service? 

Let me say that you guys are good. You deserve it. So I’m appreciate it, it wasn't that much of a discount. So, I found a better company that gives me 30 days to pay me after to pick up my car. So I think I'm going to do business with them. But you also keep you guys in mind. You are good people so I do business with you. You great guys and I pay you.

Thank you so much...

moverjet vehicle moving company reviews

More feedback from our customers

Hey. How are you? 
Very good, man. I wanted to check how the transportation went, did everything go smooth?
Yes. They picked up the car in a couple days ago and dropped it off for about 1/2 hours. My wife got a car and I think everything was smooth.
Thank you...

Smooth car transportation

Oh, hi this is Tim. Sorry for bothering you. We're updating our site. That would be cool for us to just have to ask you like, so, what do you think of the last transportation?
I recommended that they deliver the car. No problem.
Okay, cool. Yeah, I just have to mention that the talk was recorded. And if you don't mind we would like to put this quick recording on our site.
Yes, okay

Nice shipping service

Hello. Okay, we are renovating the site and I would like to make a quick the recording, kind of your opinion about the last shipment. Could you just say how was it? Was everything fine?
Yes, everything is good. I'll give you a review. I do that. I think that's fine. 
Thank you, Demar. Take care.

Shipping for Demar

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Kong Q.


It was my first experience with Moverjet logistics. Needed to ship my Mercedes from TX to FL, it was important to get my car delivered without any delays. I've chosen MoverJet and can say that never had to regret that.

June 17, 2024



I brought my dad’s car from him recently and needed to move it to Louisville KY from Logan UT. Moverjet was the cheapest and handled things very professionally. I was amazed at how fast and how cheap it was. HUGE TIME SAVER

May 22, 2024



The staff went above and beyond to find a driver to get my car to me on time. My car arrived safely and earlier than expected. Would definitely use Moverjet again!

April 21, 2024

Derek V.


I moved my car cross country from NY to TX and searched for a reliable, reasonable, and trustworthy company. I landed at the right spot Simon was the best. Very professional and my car arrived when quoted in great condition.

April 17, 2024



Thanks to Adam Nowakowski for being honest with me. He found a great carrier for me very quickly where another company did not. My vehicle actually arrived a day early. Thank you Adam!

February 13, 2024

Terry S


The team was great in helping me find a carrier for my car. They were not pushy. They followed up to make sure that they understood what I needed and answered any questions that I had. Would definitely recommend it!

June 07, 2024

Van R


Simon was our agent, he was friendly, helpful, responsive, and professional. He answered all the questions I had prior to shipping my car. Shipment was fairly priced, very quick, and went very smoothly. I would recommend it.

May 25, 2024

Keith b


This was my first time shipping a vehicle across the country. The rate was very competitive, the service from Kate and the driver was excellent and the communications were top notch. Moverjet did a great job!

May 13, 2024



MoverJet was a pleasure to work with. Liza Brooks is wonderful at what they do! The transporters Rolls Express was equally wonderful.

March 11, 2024

Brett B


Moverjet found us a professional reliable carrier. The pickup was within 2 days of when we contacted Moverjet, and the delivery from CA to TX was complete in only 3 days, safe and sound!

February 22, 2024

Jacob S


Very nice company delivered both cars on time with no damage. Jane Waits was very nice and helpful and always returned my calls. I would recommend Moverjet to anyone.

June 14, 2024



Tyler at MoverJet was outstanding. Timely responses and delivered on a tight timeline. Updates along the way. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable shipping company and agent.

June 09, 2024



Great experience with this carrier Mover Jet. Rep Liz, well informed and professional. Good pricing also. The car came in good condition and on time. Can recommend it to everyone!

May 06, 2024

Scott S


2nd time user of Mover Jet. Booked with Simon and move went as scheduled. The price was fair and the service was good. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to move a car!

April 15, 2024



Fares Williams is the guy!!! He made sure I was taken care of throughout my transportation. I will be recommending Fares to all my family and friends.

March 19, 2024

Paul S


I worked with Tyler at Moverjets to move my car from CO to the east coast. They were responsive and honest and got the job done well at a reasonable price. The follow-up was excellent.

June 18, 2024



The driver was efficient and delivered on the date promised without damage to my car. Very pleased. Can recommend MoverJet to anyone who is going to move a car!

May 12, 2024



This is excellent service and very accurate, they delivered my car from Los Angeles to Austin on time and Caroline helped in scheduling the whole process. Highly recommend!

March 29, 2024



Excellent service! Timely responses, lightning pickup, and a wonderful experience for cheaper than everyone else I priced. 5 stars!

March 05, 2024

Haley M


This company was great to work with! They were able to ship my two cars cross country for a great price and customer service was rather nice! Really satisfied with this service!

February 03, 2024


Vehicles We Have Transported

Several examples from the list of hundreds of vehicles we transport every day

Dec 19, 2019

Shipping Caterpillar Excavator to the Port Location

The customer needed to haul his excavator to the port. And our shipping agent did his best to help him. The customer was fully satisfied and highly recommend our heavy hauling service!

Mar 25, 2021

Shipping New Ford F150 Raptor from Dealership

The customer was offered a skyrocket shipping quote at the dealership and he decided to make a request at MoverJet. He said that saved at least $400 with us!

Jan 06, 2021

Transportation of Detomaso Pantera to New Mexico

I needed to move a Detomaso Pantera that was recently purchased from the mountains of Colorado to our town in nowhere New Mexico. I had a 4 day window when the owner of the car at the time would be available. Complicating matters even more, I needed enclosed transport in a single or 2-3 car carrier in which the car would not be moved out until it arrived to it's destination. I contacted a transport company that was recommended to me and was told the route was pretty obscure. I could understand why but was hopeful a drive could be found. I heard crickets for many days. As time got closer and closer to the window to pick the car up, I reached out to MoverJet Logistics and hoped for the best. I spoke with Alice and she gave me hope that a drive could be found quickly. Amazingly, the next day, Alice called to tell me that they had a driver lined up several days before the earliest pickup date. Unfortunately, we could not make that happen. I received a second call later that evening to inform me that a driver had been found and would pick up the car on our earliest pickup date in a single car enclosed trailer. I was ecstatic and although the car could not be picked up until the day after the planned date due to snow, the transport went flawlessly. Thank you, Alice for all your effort in making this happen!

Sep 14, 2020

Totally Digital Shipping Porsche Panamera

Sometimes customers request us about shipping without their presence. The carrier attaches a detailed photo report to make sure that the car delivered in the same condition as at the pick up

Mar 11, 2021

Jeep Cherokee Transportation from WA to TX

The customer was fully satisfied with a carrier we found for him and mentioned the high professionalism of his shipping agent and customer support.

Oct 01, 2021

Car Moving From NH to Pittsburgh PA

I listed my car to be moved from NH to Pittsburgh PA. I received nearly a hundred phone calls and emails. Mostly rude, rigid salespersons. I really thought I wasn't going to get my car hauled. I mean, the prices "ran the gamut." For such a short distance, how could it possibly be 1500.00,? and why would it take up to 2 weeks? I'll just fly there and drive it myself. Then, Elijah called, He was kind, courteous, and listened to me, and quoted a price that was affordable. I almost thought it was too good to be true, but when he said he would call back, he did. When he said he would email me, he did. Elijah is a true professional and I thank him, and MoverJet Logistics for saving me money, treating me like a customer should be treated, and getting the job done, quickly and just as he said. Elijah will take care of you. 10/10 Stars!

Sep 07, 2021

Jordan, Made my Transaction as Seamless as Possible

I've used Moverjet Logistics LLC twice in the past 18 months. Maine to Oregon and then Tennessee to New Hampshire. The point of contact, Jordan, made my transaction as seamless as possible. When I needed to move my 2nd vehicle, I was searching for someone to drive it for me then I remembered I had Jordan's contact info and reached out. My transport was scheduled the next day and the vehicle arrived in less time than anticipated! I highly recommend Moverjet!

Apr 12, 2021

Will Definitely Use Them Again

They did a great job of moving to vehicles in a matter of three weeks. Great communication and very fair price. Will definitely use them again.

Feb 08, 2021

Fast Transportation from South FL to Virginia

Awesome customer service and follow up, Liza made the process really easy from beginning to end. Really fast transport from South FL to Virginia. Thanks again!

Oct 18, 2021

Challenge With 4.5'' Clearance

Our regular customer that is shipping only premium cars needed to move this very exclusive (there are only 200 of these in the whole world) 2022 Toyota Supra. The challenge was that the ground clearance was just 4.5’’ at the lowest part of this vehicle. Only a very experienced carrier with proper equipment, long professional ramps could do the job and we got one of the best carriers in the business and with a huge portfolio of luxury cars transported! The client was absolutely satisfied with the fact that he got the portfolio before we booked the carrier and the carrier sent all pictures to the customer after the car was loaded.

Sep 15, 2021

Bucket Truck Shipping

This Topkick truck was not an easy job however we were able to ship it to NE from FL. The height of it was the most important point here. 10'5 ft was exactly the limit we could handle as we had no details about this truck at all. It was shipped from the auction. The truck was successfully delivered to the client.

Jul 13, 2021

Tractor: This Massey Ferguson

This Massey Ferguson tractor is also an unusual job. As you need a hotshot truck to get it shipped. Some of the clients are buying such old trucks for their own collection. This unit was purchased at the auction. Was shipped in 1 day. Now it's restored and well shaped.

May 11, 2021

Unique Shipping of Skidsteer

Client ordered a transport of this Bobcat from a private company in the mountains of WV. At the time of pick up turned out the unit has no wheels and it won't roll. Not a problem for us! We've managed to get local towing company to assist us in loading. Got it done in timely manner.

Jul 30, 2021

Isuzu Box Truck Transportation

Client was trying to ship this box truck 3 times. Picking up at Copart Auction lead to no information about the dimensions of it. One of our experienced shipping agents managed to get it out on a stepdeck. We've managed to avoid any storage fees for the customer

Apr 13, 2021

Shipping Ulitity Crew Cab

One of our customers is the owner of the construction company. He purchased several utility trucks in AZ. We shipped them for him to Rochester, NY. We used flatbeds and car carriers (wedge trailers) to deliver such heavy and big vehicles comparing to regular trucks. As this vehicles are unusual for this industry. Customer was happy to receive them on time. So those trucks could be involved in the business asap.

Oct 05, 2021

Seriously Lifted - Not a Problem!

The vehicle was lifted and the route was 3000mi, but we booked a driver within a few days. The customer is happy!

Sep 09, 2021

Ship a Unique Project Car - Not a Problem!

The car had very low clearance, modifications and the customer didn't want to start it. So we booked a driver with a winch and enclosed trailer. We understand how to handle project cars! Just a look at this vehicle!

Aug 24, 2021

Doesn't Roll - We Still Can Do It!

The car was very old and didn't run, roll properly or steer, however the driver that we booked managed to load it with a winch and transported without any issue.

Sep 21, 2021

A Bundle of Two Units In One!

Not the most regular case. We were able to find that the ATV perfectly fits in the cab of the pickup truck and can be properly fixed there. Thus, it helped customer to save some money for shipping!

Mar 16, 2021

Super Car For Super Hero!

It's was big honor and a challenge for us to ship this vehicle. And we are proud that we have done it!

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Are you guys, insured, licensed, and bonded??


Yes, the insurance is provided by the carrier and it will be up to $100,000 with full coverage, bumper to bumper, deductible or non-deductible.
The insurance coverage for Enclosed car hauler starts from $250,000 and can be up to $1 million. All cars that have ground clearance less than 7’’ from the ground have to be shipped with Enclosed car hauler because of the high risk of the damage of the front or rear bumpers.
But Enclosed car hauler cost 40% more than an open car hauler.

Can I put something inside the car? Can I mention all my stuff in this Bill of Lading or in the contract?


By the regulations in the industry the car has to be empty during transportation. But, usually, drivers allow to put 100 рounds in the trunk, nobody will weigh the stuff it has to look like 2 suitcases. We can arrange that for you.
And still, the carrier will ask you to put everything in the trunk. Because they are going through weigh stations and the carrier doesn’t want any cars with stuff on the backseat, IF you can’t put it in the trunk, please make sure it’s below the window surface and the driver’s seat is empty and can be easily adjusted.

How does the payment work?


We have a unique payment system. We don’t require any payments upfront.
First of all, we have to sign the contract, by this contract you are hiring our company to book (FIND) the carrier for the transportation of your vehicle.
Only once the car is picked up, and ONLY THEN we will charge a partial deposit from your credit or debit card. Usually, it’s $125-150.
The rest of the balance you will pay on delivery with cash or cashier’s check (Bank) or money order (Wal-Mart) to the carrier company.

What about cancellation fees?


By the contract, you are hiring our company to book the carrier for the agreed quote in the contract and we have 5 business days starting from the first available pick-up date to do it. And according to this contract, If the Client's vehicle is NOT picked up within 5 business days from the first available date, the Client can cancel this agreement with no penalties.
So only AFTER 5 business days starting from the first available pick up date, the client can cancel this agreement for free AND ONLY IF the carrier that we book for the job didn’t pick up the vehicle

What if I want to postpone?


According to the contract, the rescheduling fee is just $75. Rescheduling of Carrier must be done at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled pick up and will result in a $75 rescheduling fee that will be charged in addition to the deposit on the credit card provided.
And if the same carrier can pick up on a rescheduled date, we don’t apply this fee.

How to prepare the vehicle for transportation?


Remove antennas, loose parts like fog lights
Make sure the car is operable and clean
If you have some stuff, better put it in the trunk and it has to be not more than 100 lbs.
Remove all tags and plates.
Remove easy-pass
Better leave around ¼ tank of fuel.

How long will it take to deliver my vehicle?


According to the regulations in the industry, carriers are making around 400 mi per day. Even if that’s 2 drivers in one truck they are still going to make about 500 mi a day. So if in your case the carrier has to cover 1275 mi, most likely he will make it in 3-4 days estimated.

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