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Want to get an idea of the estimated shipping cost of an RV or travel trailer? If so, you have definitely opened the right page. Whether you are shipping a camper,  motorhome, or trailer, your vehicle will be handled in the best way. Our highly professional shipping managers will find experienced drivers with any trailer hitch combination including bumper pull, gooseneck, fifth wheel hitch, or pintle hook.

And in this article we want to help you find the answers on the following topics:

How to ship an RV or Travel Trailer?
RV & Travel trailer shipping cost.
Shipping Travel trailer overseas
RV/travel trailer shipping tips

How To Ship An RV Or Travel Trailer?

When your shipping manager is trying to find the best way to transport your RV or travel trailer, we need to understand how large the vehicle is and whether the vehicle has an engine and can be driven. Depending on this information, there are 3 ways to ship the RV:


This kind of transportation is probably the most difficult as it involves several factors. First of all, it’s only suitable for non-running motor homes or trailers. Hauling involves extra equipment for loading the RV onto the flatbed or lowboy truck.


This way of shipping is only suitable for travel trailers. Depending on the size of the trailer, different types of tow trucks are required. For example, for trailers with a length of 18-25 ft a common pickup truck is used (like Ford F-250) and for trailers, with a length of 25-40 ft, a special tow vehicle or a highway tractor is required. 

Hiring a drive-away service

This type of shipping an RV is the most technically easy. If the vehicle is too big for being shipped on the trailer, hiring a drive-away service is the best option. Even if you are planning to ship the vehicle from coast to coast, there are dozens of licensed professional drivers who we can hire to drive your RV and be sure that the vehicle is taken care of in a proper way. 

RV & Travel Trailer Shipping Cost

The shipping cost of any kind of vehicle always depends on a number of factors like mileage, size and condition of the vehicle, season, and availability of drivers on the route. But unlike the price for shipping regular vehicles (like sedans, SUVs, pick up trucks) that remains stable from time to time, the price for shipping motor homes is fluctuating a lot.

But despite this, our managers are doing their best to find the most cost and time-effective way to relocate every vehicle as we understand how important it is for our customers to get the RV or travel trailer on time and for the best price. 

In the table below you can see the estimated rate for shipping the RV. To get a customized quote please follow this link providing the make and model of the vehicle or its height, length, and width.

average RV hauling cost

Shipping Travel Trailer Overseas

When shipping a travel trailer or an RV overseas (whether to US territories or internationally), the roll-on/roll-off method is the only option due to the size of the cargo. With this method, the vehicle is driven onto the ship, and once loaded, each vehicle is tied down securely in its special spot. The name Roll-on/Roll-off comes from the fact that vehicles roll on and roll off the ramp while loading. 

Choosing a company for overseas shipping may not be an easy thing. But our company has been in business for over 11 years and since then we have shipped RVs overseas several times. Therefore after you choose Moverjet logistics, you can be sure that we will help you submit all the paperwork and will guide you through all the shipping process so it will not turn into a headache for you. 

The only thing we need to know far in advance is whether you are planning to take the RV to the departure shipping port by yourself or we can hire a driver and transport the vehicle to the port.

RV/Travel Trailer Shipping Tips

Before your vehicle gets shipped, we highly advise you to prepare to thoroughly prepare it for shipping and start with some simple steps:

– Make sure it’s operable and you have a key at the pick up location; 

– Disconnect the alarm system;

– Secure or remove all loose parts inside and outside the RV as they may damage the interior and it is not covered by carrier’s insurance;

– Clean the vehicle so the driver can see the pre-existing damages and note them in the bill of lading. Do not forget to request the bill of lading at the time of delivery.


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