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Moving your vehicle to a new place can be rather challenging and if the vehicle you need to transport is a motorcycle or ATV it’s even more difficult as you cannot drive any of these vehicles for a long distance.

But here in Moverjet Logistics, we are ready to help you with the transportation of any kind of vehicle. In order to help you find out more information on the topic we have gathered some information in one article covering the following:

How to ship a motorcycle or ATV?
How much does it cost to transport a motorcycle or ATV?
TIPs for moving ATV and motorcycle
motorcycle shipping service

How To Ship A Motorcycle Or ATV?

Of course, the feelings you get while riding a bike on the open road are unforgettable, but driving a bike in order to transport it to the new address is mostly a bad idea, no matter if it’s a classic, a brand new, or just a regular motorcycle. Shipping a motorcycle on an open or enclosed trailer is the best option as it guarantees safe delivery and while your vehicle is in transit, you can proceed on packing your things, driving another vehicle, or a moving truck. 

The first thing you need to do to have your vehicle shipped is to request a quote from a shipping company by providing the pick up and drop off zip-codes, year, make and model of the vehicle, your name, phone number, and/or email. By the way, you can request a quote here. 

After getting the quote and deciding to go with the company, you will have to provide the exact pick up and drop-off addresses and submit the electronic paperwork to confirm the order. 

Once it’s done, the company looks for a carrier for you for a particular date and provides you with his name and phone number. The day before the pick-up and delivery, the driver calls you to negotiate a more exact time. 

How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Motorcycle Or ATV?

The price for shipping motorcycles and ATVs depends on the factors like mileage, season, type of trailer, and your time flexibility:

factores motorcycle transportation depends on
If you are flexible with shipping days, our shipping manager will have enough time to find and schedule the driver for the most reasonable rate;
The type of trailer can be of two kinds: open or enclosed. Even though an enclosed trailer is 50 % more expensive than an open one, enclosed transportation is more commonly used for bike and ATV shipping as it protects the vehicles from road dirt and weather conditions;
Season also affects the price as during summer months a lot of bikes, ATVs and UTVs are shipped and the price always get higher up to 25%;
Mileage is the key factor of the price formation since the longer the route is, the higher the price is.

Below you can see the cost for the last motorcycle shipments within the mainland:

motorcycle shipping rates

TIPs For Moving ATV And Motorcycle

First of all, you may research the motorcycle transport company you choose and check its reviews. This way you can be sure that you have chosen wisely.
Once you receive the driver’s details you may check him for active insurance on the FMCSA website (ask your shipping manager for the carrier’s MC number if they don’t provide you with the one).
Just before the transportation, make sure the vehicle is clean and operable, so the driver can thoroughly check it for any pre-existing damages and load on the trailer with no issues.
Do not forget to request the Bill of Lading at the delivery address and check the vehicle for any new damages. Please note that the insurance company will most likely decline the claim without a proper document.



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